Season One, Episode 1

Segment 1
Meet The Experts on Insurance Planning and Cash Flow (1.1.1)

Meet some of the experts who will help us with their knowledge and experience throughout the series.

Pina Sciarrone, Head of Retail – ADVISER SERVICES at AIA Australia Limited. Pina will be helping us understand insurance and insurance planning.

Howard Ghedia from Lifestyle Planner who is our expert on Cash Flow. Howard will help with information on how to manage money, which imperative in any plan for creating financial wealth.

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Segment 2
Manage Your Money & Create Wealth (1.1.2)

This episode will discuss the experience of Arkad from the book “The Richest Man in Babylon” by George S Clason and how his lessons in wealth creation are still appropriate for today. This book is an important text in finance education with many financial planning tips to guide you towards your goal financial wealth. It is your goal isn’t it?

Join Kerry, in his car, as we set out to discover the nuts and bolts of WealthPlan TV. Watch out for the tricky roundabouts where he attempts to talk and drive at the same time. Most of you will be happy that he doesn’t talk for the second roundabout. Drive safely Kerry.

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Segment 3
Records and Resources For Wealth Creation (1.1.3)

In this segment we join Dale Brilley, who will explain what needs to be recorded and why, in the development of a wealth plan.

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