Season One, Episode 2

Segment 1
Wealth Planning Through Goals for Achieving Financial Freedom (1.2.1)

In this segment we examine why goals are the most important step in the creation of financial wealth.

The comparison is used between the creation of a building, based on sound foundations and the creation of wealth. The necessity of vision and planning is essential in creating a building that will stand the test of time.

How much more necessary then is it to spend the time, planning your life?

Effective wealth creation depends upon understanding your financial and life goals and then developing a plan.

This wealth plan will then be used to create your financial wealth achieved through the foundation good goal settings and strategy.

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Segment 2
Financial Planning Tips For Wealth Creation (1.2.2)
In this segment of episode 2 we interview Elias Elia, and discover how important goal setting was in his business.

Elias and his brothers started with a single café and a vision to create a great client experience.

The brothers are committed to their major goal which has remained throughout the years and has ensured their financial wealth.
From beginnings in Café Trios to development and control of an international food franchise ‘Trios Wraps’. The Elias experience is full of financial planning tips and a real example of dedication to a goal plan, essential to wealth creation.

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Segment 3
Financial Planning for Wealth Is Dependent Upon Goals and finance education (1.2.3)

Dale Brilley speaks on financial planning and finance education and the positive effect of defined goals on wealth creation.

Kerry discusses with Dale the influence that having defined financial goals has the eventual outcome of wealth creation. Dale delves into the poor outcomes for people who do not have finance goals.

Sometimes as Dale informs Kerry, people need to be flexible and adopt goals presented to them in financial planning appointments rather than making them your own.

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