Season One, Episode 3

Segment 1
Cash Flow Management for Wealth Creation (1.3.1)
Howard Ghedia discusses and recommends consulting with a financial planner if you are having difficulty achieving your financial goals such as saving for a house. Learn how to manage your cash flow an essential step in your wealth creation plan.

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Segment 2
Debt Reduction Creates Wealth by allowing for a Positive Cash Flow (1.3.2)

Debt reduction allows for the identification of cash surplus. Cash flow management allows for the creation of wealth by identifying any cash surplus and using it in your wealth plan. Simone De Medici of Prosperity Financial Group explains necessity for a plan detailing income and expenses, a budget to reduce stress by identifying and allowing for a positive cash flow.

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Segment 3
Cash Flow Management Reduces Debt with System and Structure for Positive Cash Flow (1.3.3)

The structure and system provided by a cash flow management plan allows for the reduction of debt and the beginnings of a savings plan for wealth creation. Dale Brilley from Mercury Wealth Management gives a great tip for financial management. Create separate accounts for savings, personal spending, utility payments and investment.

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