Season One, Episode 6

Segment 1
Life Insurance Part of Estate Planning Protect Your Family (1.6.1)

Estate Planning which includes life insurance is the topic of this week’s episode on Wealth Plan TV. On this episode Pina Sciarrone, Head of Retail – ADVISER SERVICES at AIA Australia Limited will be helping us understand insurance and insurance planning. Protect the quality of your loved ones lives with life insurance. Life insurance is often called a contract of love. Leave your family with the life they are used to through life insurance. Total and permanent disability are another possibility in life, it may happen, prepare yourself and contact your financial planner about total and permanent disability about the best insurance solution of you. You Tube video link:

Segment 2
Life insurance and estate planning (1.6.2)

Life Insurance as part of your estate planning is the hot topic of our episode on Wealth Plan TV. Join us as we interview, Andrew Drieschner, our experts. Kerry and Andrew discuss tragic consequences of some clients who should have had life insurance but didn’t. However, they also speak about the positive consequences of people with life insurance, as tragic as the stories are at least insurance was in place to make their life easier.

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Segment 3
Segment 3

Insurance risk analysis how is it arrived at for an insurance policy. Tonight Gemma asks Kerry the hard questions on “Why you should have Life Insurance?” Life insurance is an important part of your life plan. Life insurance is a balance of probability and consequences to other people in your life. Jemma brings up the issue of income protection insurance for a single person. Estate Planning is the hot topic of our episode on Wealth Plan TV. You Tube video link: