Season Two, Episode 1

Segment 1
Wealth Plan TV (2.1.1) The Flow of Money

Welcome to this first episode in the second series of Wealth Plan TV. Join Kerry Sharp as he explains the outline of the second series based around the flow of money in our lives.

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Segment 2
Wealth Plan TV (2.1.2) Win An iPad

Wealth Plan TV in this second segment of episode one in series 2 find out how to win an iPad. Wealth Plan TV a personal finance education series from Australia. Learn how to save yourself some money ….. Win an iPad by entering the competition.

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Segment 3
Wealth Plan TV (2.1.3) Wealth is NO Good Without Health

Wealth Plan TV tonight looks at your health and why it must be an important part of your wealth plan. Learn from Emma as she leads us through the benefits of Yoga to overall health.

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