Season Two, Episode 5

Segment 1
Wealth Plan TV (2.5.1) Wealth Accumulation I Types of Assets

Wealth Plan TV tonight looks at wealth accumulation. How do you create a plan for wealth creation? How do you find the money to save so that you can support the accumulation of wealth?
The types of assets are examined and the pros and cons within each asset class are discussed. Learn more about cash, bonds, shares and property as asset types by watching this and the other two parts of this episode.You Tube video link:

Segment 2
Wealth plan TV (2.5.2) Wealth Accumulation Advice

The second part of tonight’s episode on wealth accumulation finds presenter Kerry Sharp speaking with financial planner Shane Keary who has a holistic financial planning service.
What is wealth? Being frugal and in control of your spending leads to accumulation of assets compared to someone else who may earn more and not is not in control of their debt management, that never saves anything.
Financial planners like Shane are quite frank with their advice to clients who live beyond their means assisting them look at their life situation and change for the better.
Kerry and Shane also discuss releasing equity in property and shares to develop more assets but life isn’t as simple as this. The client’s life and near future ambitions must be considered before taking on more debt.

You Tube video link:

Segment 3
Wealth Plan TV (2.5.3) The Money Flow

This third segment of tonight’s episode looks at possessions that create expenses by the fact you own something or are trying to own a possession through debt and a loan.
What if you own a possession such as a four wheel drive car to tow your boat? If you only use the boat twice a year you are spending money on excess petrol for a car that you only require twice a year; then there is the cost of the boat as well. Ask yourself this. would the whole arrangement of boat and car for use twice a year be better suited to a rental of a 4WD and boat for those two occasions in the year.
There is also the question of why do you have such a car and a boat? Is it just so you can say you’ve got them? Consider the money tied up in these assets and the effect on your plan for wealth accumulation. Perhaps this money is better for you and your family tied up in an asset that has capital growth. You Tube video link: