Season Two, Episode 7

Segment 1
Wealth Plan TV (2.7.1) Estate Plannig 101

Estate planning is the topic of tonight’s episode with Kerry Sharp presenting the first segment.
Will preparation, simple considerations are gone through. All of the little things that are always forgotten when doing estate planning and make a list and leave these with your will.You Tube video link:

Segment 2
Wealth Plan TV (2.7.2) Make A Will That Counts

Estate planning but how to make a good will and how to analyse all those estate issues you need to consider. Get a financial planner or estate lawyer to assist you in making your last will and testament.

You Tube video link:

Segment 3
Wealth Plan TV (2.7.3) Estate Plan More Than A Will

Watch this short segment and learn what you need to consider about your estate plan before it is to late……..and get hit by “a flaming truck” as Kerry Sharp puts it. There is more to know about estate planning than just leaving a will.
Have you thought about how difficult it will be for your family if they don’t know where ALL the documents for your estate are?
Think superannuation, share certificates, work “share investment club”, taxation details and even passwords for your financial records on your computer.You Tube video link: