Season Two, Episode 9

Segment 1
Wealth Plan TV (2.9.1) 42 Ways to Manage Money

Wealth Plan TV tonight starts an detailed analysis of 42 ways to manage your money. Manage your money and you will see a way to save your money, you’ve then just started on the road to wealth creation. Watch the episode and if you need further assistance seek help from a financial planner.

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Segment 2
Wealth Plan TV (2.9.2) Money Saving Model

Dale Brilley, financial planner, in this episode examines a practical money saving and brings to our attention the saving model many people use and why it generally fails. Follow Dale’s advice if you want to save money for a stable financial future.

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Segment 3
Wealth Plan TV (2.9.3) Practical Budget Strategy

Kerry Sharp examines a practical budget strategy in this episode and discusses how this can assist with cash flow management. If you can manage your cash flow then saving money is a possibility and with that comes wealth creation. Remember though you need to develop a financial plan for developing that wealth.

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